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Early in 1991, I was persuaded to do some editing work for The Social Affairs Unit. This book was by biggest project, and it involved more work than I expected. Some of the essays were fully written out and needed only moderate editing. Many were corrupt transcripts of what were often rambling conference speeches, and these needed to be rewritten. This was in the days before the Internet, and I had to spend days in various libraries, checking facts and pulling out quotations.

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  1. The link does not seem to work….

  2. Try the link at the bottom

  3. A fascinating review of the governing and scientific classes enthusiasms, fads, and fashions, in the provision of nothing but the finest bovine garden improvement dressed up as science. A very enjoyable read to be recommended, a dose of fresh air, may even save lives and deliver us from the evils of misguided intellectuals and other nannies and busy bodies.

  4. Yes, but it was written 20 years ago, and hasn’t done much apparent good since then.

  5. When I read the title of this post I thought it must be about a new computer language. I thought, “Oh yes. And no doubt I’ll soon be hearing about the advantages of Extended \, and then of the superior \++, and possibly then of the excellent Visual \”. I had disquieting thoughts of having to install dll files and “frameworks” in order to use software that had been written to take advantage of the “exciting new platforms”.

    You really should consider the effect of these misleading titles on very feeble people such as myself. I could easily have spilled hot coffee down myself from the shock.