Lord Young is right that things could be worse than they are

David Davis

The socialist PM, David Cameron, has slapped down Lord Young (who has now grown up and therefore is old, and so he can see further than some) for saying that things in general, considering that our government is bust and our State’s debt is unsustainable unless we all work harder for a few decades, could be worse than they are.

Ireland faces torment, meltdown and sovereign extinction.

Greece got out of the same punishment for permanently allowing a government of lazy aggressive socialist scumbags, by threatening to kill all the Germans in the world, dead. Whether it’s in the nature of the Greeks, an otherwise good and sound people, to allow their governments to pretend that all Greeks are socialist lazy scumbags and will of course go along with defrauding the peoples of other nations linked to them forcibly at gunpoint by Brussels, is another matter.

The French got out of it by their murdering fascist government getting their students and “public sector workers” (which is to say: most people there) to threaten to burn all their politicians and mayors and state-bribe-receivers and police to death. How far it would have gone, rests on to what extent we think the French pretend to go along with the pretence of their “government” being a pretend government or a real one.

The Irish, being English, don’t behave quite in the same way.

6 responses to “Lord Young is right that things could be worse than they are

  1. “The Irish, being English, don’t behave quite in the same way.”

    This is a statement it might be better not to utter in certain quarters.


  2. I am not rich, I am not a businessman, I am not a Lord, but I agree with Lord Young on this one: I am tired of hearing the whining of people who have a house and a car and a pension. This is a welfare state, and nobody ever had to starve or die out of need. And the alleged spending cuts are no cuts really: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/uk-budget-what-cuts/

    I have travelled many places, and one thing I have learned is that we Europeans moan and whine at a very high level. While others, who are truly in need, are forgotten by us.

    A civil servant who loses his job and has to look for one on the free market with his experience, connections and references is not in a terrible situation. A farmer in Bangladesh is after a flood. Or a refugee in Kigali who doesn’t know where his family is.
    Think about this, next time you warm up with a coffee at Pret-a-Manger after a protest in London.

  3. David, I see your point. Also, an economic crisis is good for us: it puts pressure on the government to cut, although they do seem to have a preference for cutting benefits (not necessarily a bad thing) over cutting the actual civil service back office and the quangos. That is why I would welcome a true crisis here: the worse, the better (as Lenin said).

    But Lord Young did not factor multiculturalism, immigration, state intervention on everything from the climate to obesity into his statement. We are not living in the best of times, because we are pawns of the state. But that was not really what he was talking about.

    My cleaner was telling me of how much she despised all politicians and how awful this country is. I thought, “when did you contribute anything? your husband sits at home not working, you have been given a 3 bedroom council house, the paltry amounts of tax you pay are well below the things you get back, your children were all educated at tax expense, you got child benefit, you get free healthcare and a state pension you are not really paying into–and you claim you hate the politicans who are giving you all this?” There are winners and losers in the state, and a certain type of scrounger are winners, and often they don’t realise it!

  4. dj:

    You are not the only one hoping for a worse crisis (as Lenin says). Lenin’s heirs are still around; along with other equally unpleasant types.

    Be careful in what you wish for…


  5. Andreas:

    According to the new barbarians occupying Downing Street, people who refuse three work offers are to be deprived of all benefits for three months. How long do people survive without any money?


  6. Tony, that sort of promise of withdrawing benefits from the workshy has been made before.

    I very much doubt anything will come of it.