FLC199, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Humour: No Laughing Matter, Sean Gabb, 11th November 2010

when someone is arrested for making jokes about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, we can see that the line has been crossed that separates a state with police from a police state.

via FLC199, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Humour: No Laughing Matter, Sean Gabb, 11th November 2010.

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  1. I feel such despair when reading things like this, the English language has not adequate words to describe its intensity.

  2. “O’er London our letters are shaken like snow,
    Our wires o’er the world like the thunderbolts go.
    The news that may marry a maiden in Sark,
    Or kill an old lady in Finsbury Park.”

    Chorus (with a swing of joy and energy):

    “Or kill an old lady in Finsbury Park.”

  3. As it goes, this just reminded me of a joke on Not The Nine O’Clock News- remember the “Death Of A Princess” scandal with the Saudis? They did a fake apology, and at one point said something like “really, we don’t mind, take one of ours… two of them in fact”.

    Times have changed haven’t they?

  4. When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him. Thomas Szasz

  5. The YAB woman is a classic example of what happens to GramscoStaliNazis, when they get really serious, and have passed the formative stage in their moral corruption and spiritual bankruptcy. Like some of us, in a way – who don’t find this creeping Endarkenment funny at all, they find it impossible not to take everything seriously.

    In the early 1980s while doing a short spell in the TA, I used to find myself arguing in the ORs’ Mess, evenings sometimes, about how threatening actually the Warsaw Pact Forces might be if we ever had to face them in Germany. Occasionally, officers coming in as guests would always play down the efficiency of Soviet forces: “Look, the Russian Soldier is trained to do 11 things….if we can do 12, we shall win…” or stuff like that. I used to be unpoplar for never accepting that, and for suggesting that we ought to take the potential enemy far more seriously than they did.

    I do understand where YAB is coming from: she wants GramscoStaliNazism to win, to really win, and win big. No slightest chink in the armour of her certainty that they are right can be allowed to show. I feel the same about liberalism. In the event of a global victory, Dr Gabb might probably have to have me restrained physically from ordering the deaths of (a small number of ) the more really really serious Western GSNs, at a version of Nuremberg – so much damage have they done to the totalness of humanity.

  6. Christopher Houseman

    And yet the Left is allowed to make “criminal” jokes with impunity. For instance, in Have I Got News For You (Ser. 40, Ep. 5, broadcast on 11 Nov 2010) Jo Brand noted that Australia and NZ are apparently the 2nd and 3rd most desirable places to live on earth.

    She then added that Aussies and Kiwis working in the UK could “p*ss off back to their own pubs”. I await the (in)action of the so-called Equality and Human Rights Commission on this matter, on the (naturally assumed and unstated) grounds that it’s one law for the Left and another for everyone else.

    Those who doubt me, or think I’m misquoting Jo Brand, can watch the episode at their leisure here:

  7. It is impossible by definition for a white person to be the subject of racism or other discrimination, since discrimination is the enactment of white privilege.

    I occasionally think it would be nice to write a book explaining to the common man- the masses, yea even the proleteriat- the academic ideological basis of GramscoFabiaNazism. But then I remember that nobody would read it, for it would be a very dull book, and I put down my pen.

  8. These actions are specifically designed to induce terror in the British public of the ‘authorities’ and their spies who will be and indeed already are everywhere. Your neighbours are being trained that the best course of action is to denounce you before you denounce them.


  9. @Ian B

    I wish you would write that book. You and we could just publish it your/ourselves. We could even read it out on YouTube, in instalments. I think you’d do better than you think.

  10. Personally, Ian, I think people (those who can still read, and I don’t blame the others for being bereft, for that’s what was intended for them by the “Masters”) wuld be gripped to their seats by it.

    Tell you what, Ian:-
    You write it, and I’ll re-render certain parts of it in Churchillian Prose. I’m currently and haltingly attempting the task of teaching myself how to emulate the Great-Fella in weaponising the Language. Not doing too well right now, but slowly getting there. (And I don’t want any money either.)

  11. @the Houseman
    I did actually see, accidentally, that part of that prog – it was on while my dear wife was changing channels. I was actually appalled. The footage actually exists, and our cousins and siblings and relations in those countries will by now have taken note of what “we” think about them. It truly would be funny if it was not absolutely awful and humiliating.

    In fact I could not remember the foul woman’s name – although knowing I’d seen her somewhere or other.

  12. Could someone tell me what is a “Jo Brand”?

    Is it a form of firelighting fuse, or am I from the planet Tharg?

  13. I don’t think I can usefully add anything to this discussion, except to say that I agree with what’s been said, and that I share IanB’s despair. Has it really come to this? We’re in far deeper than even I imagined.

  14. We live in a country in which people are arrested by the police for thoughtcrimes and speechcrimes.

    That is a plain statement of fact now.

    And almost no one seems to give a shit.

  15. “And almost no one seems to give a shit.”

    I’d say that’s probably the most distressing thing about this whole episode.

  16. http://www.ukcolumn.org/articles/reduce-carbon-you-will-be-killed

    Contrast with this video, which is of course perfectly acceptable as it was created by the disciples of environmentiality. You could say there is a double standard in operation here – but the objective is clear. The ideologues of the ruling class are free to promote their cause in whatever way they see fit. If ordinary people must communicate, they must do so in fear.

  17. Jo Brand is a comedienne. I don’t think you’d find her amusing.


  18. Thanks Tony! I checked up on her and you are quite correct.