ENGLISH SECESSION: a new blog arises

David Davis

Since the General coagulation last May gone by, there’s been a slight fall-off in the number of classical/libertarian blogs among those regularly active, and perhaps also a slwing of the posting rate in others. That said, while calling in on Legiron just now (as you do) I spotted the arising of a new one. It’s called English secession, and if the likes of Legiron and Frank Davis have been lent the keys to it, the writing style and content promises to be good.

Although the British-Blanket-Smoking-Ban is indeed wicked, divisive and deliberately Nazi in its planned conception, I never realised quite how angry it’s made some people. I merely oppose it on objective individualist grounds, that being to say that it’s nobody else’s ****ing business what one does with one’s own body, provided that one does not injure the rights of another.

The whole “passive smoking” fraud and scam was an attempt by the GramsoFabiaNazis to capture that particular ground of third-party-harm from Natural-Rights-Libertarians such as we, whom they correctly fear as their primary Mortal Enemy. They know that, of all the people of the Earth, it’s we that will see through them always and everywhere. Like Richard Hannay knew, with certainty, that he’d always spot the Graf von Schwabing ever after, whatever disguise or name was adopted.

It’s sad that the majority of people today know little of the background of smoker-persecution, and also that fewer actually care much. You’d think that the smokers themselves would be up in arms, “en masse”, at their shabby treatment. But where are the riots, the protests, the demonstrations, the refusal to stand in the rain shivering while passers-by shun you and pretend not to notice you in your misery? You’d have thought this was a no-brainer for people like “UAF“, to take up the street-cudgels on behalf of an oppressed minority? No?


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  1. Nightwatchstate

    I had little idea that my humble blog was publicised here. Much thanks.