The Underdog bites back

David Davis

I have often been mildly criticised, on here and elsewhere in British Libertarian circles. You know the way it goes… in that way (as one recognises) that you gently admonish a grumpy autistic old man with un-politically-correct and publicly-embarrassing opinions. Some people even think I have contracted a variety of “political Tourette’s syndrome”.

This is about my persistent use of the terms “GramscoFabiaNazi”, and – more recently and with increasing traction on Facebook – “GramscoStaliNazi”. Many of my American friends on the Conservative wing over there recognise the meaning instantly. The positioning of the internal capital letters is important to the meaning and subtexts.

Legiron, today, uses good arguments to show conclusively that the lefty-control-ethic is absolutely and at bottom Nazi in its application.

On other matters:

I hope the LA conference was a success and was sold out as is the custom. Sadly I could not attend this year, having other pressing matters to attend to, and being slightly short of funds…London is a long way and a lot of expensive/highly-taxed petrol away: and, last year each time I and the Boy wanted to get on the “Underground” or a bus, it cost each of us £4-per-station and a queue of angry Londoners behind us, all pushing us and whingeing about why we didn’t have “Oysters”….some piece of plastic or other that Red Ken forced everyone to carry and which Mayor-Boris has clearly failed to get rid of.

For llight relief, here’s some good engine noises:-

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  1. Oooh, Mosquitos. One of my personal favourites and the one I most wish to see flying again one day.