Social Justice

Michael Winning

I was over at David Thompson’s just now and saw this. You fellas may like to rtead it.

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  1. “What was so offensive… was this argument that an individual faculty dissenter needed to be silenced to promote academic freedom.”

    Pretty much sums it up.

    When i was at teacher trainign college i was told by the Professor that it was my duty as a teacher to propagate ‘progressive, left wing’ ideas in the classroom. My expressed opinion that a teacher should be politically neutral was treated as an amusing eccentricity.

  2. Howard R Gray

    The long march through the institutions is yielding rotten fruit, teachers who are mere vehicles for progressive ideas and nothing much else. Brooklyn College, once one of the better schools in the City University of New York group of institutions, is clearly falling into disrepute. To remedy the problem the cure would be severe; here are just a few things to do if anyone should ask!

    1.Eliminate tenure for professors.

    2.Any course with the word “Studies” in it should be closed not re-titled.

    3.All public money should be stopped, no tax dollars or pounds for Marxism.

    4.If the institution doesn’t make it in the real world close the place down.

    5.Sell off the surplus real estate ASAP and pay off the national debt.

    None of this will happen; one can only hope that more and more libertarian and conservative parents will refuse to pay for the lousy education so many colleges now offer their children.

    The alternative is to fight the enemy on the campus, this takes guts and no little application to do so, let alone risk to the person. I take my hat off to those who do or choose this course.

    Many of the so called universities contain cauldrons of hatred fanned by bitter radical minds bent on violence and intolerance. There is an irony in the ideas of speech codes and political correctness being inflicted on the younger folk all in the cause of some specious social justice couched as some form of freedom.

    The truth is the project will take years to deal with, social justice is an evil term, there is only justice the addition of the word “social” is merely amplifies what doesn’t need amplification.

    Currently here in the US of A there is a movement to improve education supported by Oprah Winfrey and other celebs. The controversy has been bruited following a upcoming movie “Waiting for Superman” suggesting two main themes, the first is that there is something wrong with the education system and secondly, that something can be done about it. None of that is surprising, the whole hullabaloo will just come and go. Chartered schools feature as one way out i.e. just starting new state funded schools is promoted as a way to solve the problem. In the short run it works because they select and manage the outcome to prove their point meanwhile ignoring the mass of students in the sump schools that will never have anything remotely like an “education”. The trouble is that the new schools are still within the system and funds are not outside the Ed Department and political control or am I missing something?

    Sadly in one of the voice overs a woman’s voice states that “her child will now go to college”, that might or might not be true for those in the experiment, isn’t it depressing that the kid that does get a charter school education then moves on to the “university” only to be captured by the thugs of the left and corrupted into narrow thought and a crippled education.

    To add to list above, the abolition of all state schools and subsidies to private schools on behalf of the state is perhaps a little too much to ask for too. Hell let’s ask for it anyway.

  3. “To add to list above, the abolition of all state schools and subsidies to private schools on behalf of the state is perhaps a little too much to ask for too. Hell let’s ask for it anyway.”

    When I was at school in the mid seventies, I remember a teacher of the “old school” giving his opinion that education (I think he meant attendance at school) should be voluntary. At the time as a (no doubt, priggish) 15 year old, I was shocked at this remark! Over the years I have come to recognise how right he was.

    The purpose of “schooling” is to institutionalise our children, and I tremble for my own son who starts secondary school next year. I would prefer not to send him at all, but my estranged wife has a rather closed mind, and the possibility of not conforming is not even up for discussion!

    Even worse, he will now be “imprisoned” until he is eighteen – all the more time to complete his progressive “education”.

  4. I recently finished 6 years of informally home-schooling a young man, whose parents came to me asking for this. He, just turned 17, has now been enrolled in the Defence Services 6th Form College at Wellbeck, to do maths and science A-levels and eventually a Physics degree, hoping to become a RAF engineering officer. He beat 3,000 other candidates to be one of the 120-odd selected for this intake. He’ll know who he is, if he’s reading this.

    It is still not illegal to home-school someone.

    All you have to do is officially (at least) teach the “National Curriculum”, keep records of what you have taught and also work to prove it (the student should also) and enter the fella for the requisite number of “Public Examinations” such as GCSEs, A-levels etc, as a “private candidate” – I would add that this latter is purposefully being made progressively harder ever year, by the State Bureaucracy….

    Having done that, you can teach in any manner that you and the student think benefits him/her. For chemistry, you can burn things and blow stuff up. For physics, you can also do that and also put thousands of volts through all sorts of things, and even look at “blueprints for making coil guns” etc etc etc…You can buy lasers from China and burn things with them.

    Geography for GCSE takes about, oh, I’d say, three weeks of hard work (reading) and a project about traffic and global warming, which you can do locally (and which you then have to write about and do some Excel charts and tables.) You have to know how to criticise American multinational companies, and “businessmen”.

    You can guess the rest.

  5. “It is still not illegal to home-school someone. ”

    Yes, I found this out sometime last year. Of course, the “powers that be” don’t tell you this, and they definitely don’t like it! Before the election, Balls and his cohorts cooked up a scheme to require registration of all home schooled children – luckily the election killed it off, for the time being at least.

    Apparently, the attitude of your “local authority” will determine if you are to be “allowed” to bring your children up in the way you think fit, or whether you’ll be bombarded with beaurocratic “requirements” all the time.

    For myself, my son lives with his mother, and any attempt at home-schooling would be down to me. So, my son would have to live with me, a 50 year old self employed man with no other “partner”. Somehow, I can’t help feeling that every social worker in Lincolnshire would descend on my tiny coastal village to bully me into sending him to Birkbeck “College”, where you may recall, the pupils are encouraged to stab and murder each other in schooltime. At least he’s in a different catchment area whilst living with his mum!