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Bait-and-switch “charity” in progress…

Christopher Houseman

As the snow piles up outside my front door (among many others), The World Wildlife Fund is currently broadcasting a weepie, Warmist TV ad appealing for money to save the polar bear from extinction.

I fail to understand:

  1. How the WWF can even think about broadcasting AGW agitprop to a population that’s having trouble dealing with yet another snowy day. Even if AGW were true, has nobody at the WWF heard of Marketing 101?
  2. Why sending money to the WWF will cool the climate for polar bears in any case.

Wikileaks: Feeling Rather Anti-American Today

Mario Huet

Regarding Mrs Clinton’s absurd claim that the Wikileaks Scandal is an “attack on the international community”:

 Whenever Americans speak of attacks on freedom or on the world, what they usually mean is that they would very much like to constrain or kill someone. What they invariably mean is that something has upset them by revealing that they are evil and stupid. As they can’t easily say, “We are getting sick of people revealing to the world the extent our wickedness, incompetence and dishonesty”, they must fall back on tired old nonsense about global irresponsibility and its shocking consequences.

Well, if there are shocking consequences to the US, and to other nations who collude with them in leading their own people on a very large scale then that is just too bad. Let us not forget that it was the United States that chose to make a certain country “respect” the UN by themselves ignoring the UN’s wishes and starting a war. Yes, we all saw and heard the nonsense about how Saddam Hussein wouldn’t bend over far enough so the weapons inspectors could properly look into his bottom, but that was hardly a most excellent justification for the subsequent deaths of thousands of people. When not blaming Saddam Hussein for blowing up the twin towers (and for all I know, the assassination of JFK), America went to the most ridiculous lengths to suggest that he he had top men working on the sort of things that would have Indiana Jones crying, “Help! I want my mommy!”

And when not that, it was a moral imperative that they “liberate” the ordinary folk in poor little Eye-rack. Which they did by doing their best to blow them all to smithereens, and removing a strong leader and stable government, and replacing them with a piss-poor excuse for a leader and a bunch of resentful nutters who seem to spend most of their time plotting to kill each other. Peace, stability, human rights: all of the greatest importance to the Great Satan, (and his minions) and all served in the same usual blundering fashion.

When I hear terms like “rogue nation” and “dangerous lunatics”, I am afraid I think first and foremost of the United States. I imagine a frothing mad, but stupid cartoon character who, seeing signs of smoke, cries, “That’s a fire, that is, and I’m just the guy to put it out, I am!” He then runs round for a bit, getting redder in the face and becoming breathless, while shouting things such as, “Bring ’em on!” and “We’ll see about that buddy!”, and then empties a great big bucket of GASOLINE on what is smouldering. And what happens next is that he begins shouting, “Oh, my, this is not good! This is even worse than I thought! Hey folks, you-all gotta take a look over here, ’cause this ain’t just my problem, and I shouldn’t have to deal with it all on my lonesome!”

Perhaps I am just feeling rather anti-American today.

FLC200, The Passive Smoking Scare: When Ruling Class Propaganda Masquerades as Science, Sean Gabb, 26th November 2010

FLC200, The Passive Smoking Scare: When Ruling Class Propaganda Masquerades as Science, Sean Gabb, 26th November 2010.

Carry a Samurai Sword and become invisible to police

Michael Winning

You can see it here.

NOW…that’s what I call an idea

Bioluminescent trees.

David Davis

Bet you 50p you’ll see this at David Thompson soon, on Friday Ephemera….

Introduction to \

Early in 1991, I was persuaded to do some editing work for The Social Affairs Unit. This book was by biggest project, and it involved more work than I expected. Some of the essays were fully written out and needed only moderate editing. Many were corrupt transcripts of what were often rambling conference speeches, and these needed to be rewritten. This was in the days before the Internet, and I had to spend days in various libraries, checking facts and pulling out quotations.

via Introduction to \.

UN Global-Warm-Mongerators…always wrong, all the time

David Davis

We’ve come to expect it, since they do it on purpose.


The pretence, of course, of appearing manfully to try to shore up a wrong position (although based on falsified data – a fact still not widely known or believed, despite the Climate-Gate scandal) is a good position for them to take. It makes them look like heroic, altruistic martyrs in the service of “The People”.

These droids are very, very clever, far-seeing, and have planned their strategic and fundamental assault on civilisation for a very, very long time.

WE must never, ever underestimate their resourceful and ferociously-focussed pursuit, in the face of all opprobrium, of their objective of irreversible enslavement of all people: this will be in a living hell encompassing the Whole Earth, where all except the bastards themselves will endure the torments specially reserved for the damned.