Goodbye, Mr E!

Michael Winning

I spot today courtesy of Legiron that Mr Eugenides is closing his blog-nissen hut (as our mr-D down the road calls them) and making his typewriting chimps redundant. Mr D says we have those too, nevver seem to have seen them myself but there you are…..

I’m sure Mr E though wont mind if I reprint his valedictory bit in full as I share his feelings about the bloody politicos:-

This post marks a couple of milestones in the life of this blog. It’s the fifth anniversary of this collection of enraging musings from your average potty-mouthed Greek baby; five years of abuse, vitriol, incoherent fury and the occasional, very occasional, gem of a gag. It’s been A Journey – if that doesn’t make me sound too much like il cunto di tutti cunti – and I couldn’t have done it without you. Well, obviously, I could; but it would have been at least 13% less fun.

It’s also the last post I’ll be writing.

Regular readers will have noticed a drop-off in posting these past few weeks and months, and those that have appeared have often been one-liners, links to other sites; lazy blogging. After a bit of soul-searching, I’ve decided to discontinue the blog.

Partly this is due to busy-ness in the real world, but that’s only half the story. The other half is a noticeable dropping off in my levels of rage since the prime raison d’etre for that fury were ejected from office in May. I share the scepticism of some readers towards many aspects of the new government’s platform, and worry that their reforms will be too timid, their policies wrong-headed, their instincts far from libertarian. I worry, in short, that they will disappoint us, as I know you do too.

But what I don’t have now is that same hate. The last administration filled me with disgust; the mere sight on my telly of a Charles Clarke, a John Reid, a – God forgive me for even typing the words! – Patricia Hewitt, sent me flying into almost uncontrollable loathing. And without fury, without rage, without spite, this blog is nothing, really – or at least, not what it was – because the way it’s written, it is set up for polemic, not placid discussion.

In as far as I owe you anything, it is, I would say, not to confect outrage over things which don’t really upset me, not to try and find hate where none exists. I’m in a more placid place, and I think that the country’s got at least a fair chance of becoming a better place with that horrendous shower out in the cold; and that’s as good a place as any to leave it.

I don’t entirely rule out resurrecting this blog at some future point, maybe in something like its current form, or a different incarnation; under the pen name I chose all those years ago, or under my real name. If that happens, I hope you’ll come and find me, and we can start calling a new generation of political leaders dickheads together… because something tells me they always will be.

I’ve been Mr Eugenides, and you’ve been a wonderful audience. Good night, and good luck.

I enjoyed reading his bits, from time to time. Is it just me, or are some liberal and libertarian bloggers just, well, getitng tired?

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  2. coucou les gens j’aime bien ce post mais le regime est mon soucis.