Libertarian Alliance Dish of the Day: “Builders’ Tea Granita”

Michael Winning

I’ve got the bad flu so in early from the Hill. Pigs all indoors now in nights as frosts have arrived.

Watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on the Idiot’s Lantern just now, and saw this:-


(What’s a granita? Isn’t that where Blair knifed Brown in the chest all those years ago?)

Large flaggon boiling water, (about 5 or 6 pints I reckon although he edidnt say)

24 tea bags, 50 heaped teaspoons of sugar, about 2 pints of milk. Boil for a minute or two to dissolve all the sugar. Strain into flat tin oven things, cool, and put in the freezer. Mash up the resulting icy stuff and crunch in into teacups, is what it looked like.

The laboratory animals seemed to like it, on the telly, and all clapped.

One response to “Libertarian Alliance Dish of the Day: “Builders’ Tea Granita”

  1. Strong milky, sweet tea frozen and crushed.

    Is that supposed to be considered a delicacy?