Too little, too late

David Davis

Eight new nuclear power stations, to be ritually held up by the GreeNazis, will not plug the forthcoming gap in our generation capacity.

Did people know, by the way, that wind-turbines, the ones with the biggish blades, have to be turned by the grid in low wind or no-wind situations, to stop the blades sagging and unbalancing?

One response to “Too little, too late

  1. Howard R Gray

    I favour a very large yellow tracklaying machine with an adjustable blade to tilt with these windmills. Knock them over and sell the metal for scrap asap.

    Have you heard these monsters, the noise they make, let alone the visual blight on the landscape? The sooner they go the better!

    Nothing surprises me about the Green-Nazis, more holding a red flags in front of locos yet again, it is an instinctive fear of progress that ails these fools. Why are they called progressives?