Trevor Philips has been reading Mein Kampf again

Michael Winning

188 pigs all OK for the night, but Ive got a bad cold and came in and saw this.

Hes still doing the long march through the institutions. Guess he thinks he’s winning still. Does he have a child at private school? Anyone know? He badmouths them something deep.

2 responses to “Trevor Philips has been reading Mein Kampf again

  1. If anything were to make me a racist it would be precisely this kind of ethnic grievance stirring.

    If it is fine and admirable for black people to promote the interests of their ethnic group at the expense of others then one day the ‘others’ might start thinking about sauces and ganders and geese.

  2. Peter W Watson

    Why would any decent Rastaman WANT to go to Oxford when he can listen to this?