Drupalisation Continues

I’ve given up on trying to make sense of hierarchical menu creation. Either it doesn’t work or I haven’t been able to understand the jargon-ridden blog postings I spent much of last night trying to decode. However, using the tags as menu links seems to work well – especially if you accept that the only way to order the items under each menu link is to play about with their authoring dates.

But how can I make the lists of items look tidier? For example, with the Free Life Commentary menu, I get page after page of results that would look better and be more compact if each listing were confined simply to its title.

Any help?

Sorry if none of the above makes sense to you. But I am presently upgrading my personal website, partly so that I shall be able to understand the new website being created for the Libertarian Alliance.



One response to “Drupalisation Continues

  1. It does look quite good, Sean, and the stuff works.