John Gouriet – Memorial

John Gouriet died suddenly on the 4th September 2010. Here is my brief note of this sad event:

Mrs Gouriet tells me that the The Memorial Service will be at All Saints’ Church Westbury Wiltshire on Friday 22nd October at 12noon.

4 responses to “John Gouriet – Memorial

  1. Howard R Gray

    John Gouriet and Ross McWhirter before the FA was set up took on the Unions and the P&O when they heard of an incident which gave them an opportunity to campaign. Here is the quote from Wikipedia:-

    “A P&O ferry crew had been sacked on arriving at Southampton and had responded by impounding all the cars on their ship, which had not been unloaded. Gouriet thought that this action was illegal and agreed with McWhirter to challenge it; they found one of the car owners (John Nundy) who was willing to be a test case and funded him to apply for an injunction to release his car. After a hearing reportedly lasting eight minutes, Nundy was granted an injunction by the High Court against both P&O and the leader of the strike, requiring the release of his car Gouriet later noted that, by good fortune, it turned out that Nundy’s car was at the back of the ship and so all other cars had to be offloaded before his could be reached.”

    John Gouriet was a man of action who took on the negative forces of the left and won some stunning victories. The P&O case is just one of many. He should be remembered for his “can do” attitude, emulation of which is a virtue.

  2. But what if a “can-do” attitude leads to undue interference with the rights and liberties of others?


  3. But what if a ”can-do” attitude leads to pink fairies dancing with ballons amongst unicorns?

  4. Howard R Gray

    And doing nothing helps?