Utter brilliance

Michael Winning

Over at Mark Wadsworth who I have started reading regularly. Its a goody, you’ll have to read it yourself, I can’t do it justice, me.

3 responses to “Utter brilliance

  1. I thought it was a piss poor analogy full of holes myself.
    I also went away with the impression that the author was anti land/property ownership, now I must confess I haven’t read the chap’s blog much but I certainly wouldn’t have had him down as a communist.

  2. Lurch, where have I said that I am against ‘land/property ownership’? Do you have any evidence to support that? Can you tell the difference between ‘land/property ownership’ and ‘being massively in debt because of being forced to pay for something three times over’? Do you have any reason to assume that I am a communist? Would you like your petrol and roads and insurance to be paid for out of other people’s income tax?