I decided to start an argument about Wikipedia….

…and the EU.

David Davis

I just wondered how long it would take Wiki to take down all the stuff we’d like to write about the EU in its wikipage. Just an experiment really. I don’t expect it will come to anything, and we shall stay enslaved. I just idly left it on Bookface too, but, well, there you go.

7 responses to “I decided to start an argument about Wikipedia….

  1. Peter Watson

    You wondered as in the past tense? Or you wonder?

  2. C H Ingoldby

    What was the result?

    I have noticed that a lot of wikipedia pages are very zealously guarded. I assume the same is true for any to do with the EU. (although i have slipped through the occasional subtle change.)

  3. Fred Bloggs and I pasted a slightly satirical cartoon about the EU on its wikipage, a few months ago.

    It was off again inside 6 minutes.

  4. Peter Watson

    since we are at war with the institutions of the EU (well I am) has anyone got a kid brother who is a geek and could trash the EU Wikipage? I plead sedition and treason against the EU and am happy to be arrested for suggesting it. But I warn you I do not acknowledge the authority of the EU or it’s courts so that will be a problem. Anyway they can’t prosecute 13 year olds coz they got yuman rites innit?

  5. No, Dave, you’re at war with Wiki, a free and open encyclopaedia, which is alert to the dangers of raving nonsense posted by rival cranks.

    If I look up the EU entry on Wiki, I don’t want an immersion course in the views of whichever gang of partisans has temporarily gained possession of it. Why don’t you start a page “The Case Against the EU” and link the EU page to it. Then you can rant away to your heart’s content? Why, I’ll even offer to read it! >:-}


  6. Tony, Wikipedia is not ‘free and open’ and it is not impartial. The pages tend to be under the control of ‘gangs of partisans’ already.

    I don’t know what can be done about it except to be aware.