EU “big bugger” Barroso tells it like it really is

David Davis

Finally, finally…..they’ve come out with the truth which we could see all the time.

As Jan Hus said, “The Truth Will Always Prevail”. (“Pravda vitezi”…I think?)

One response to “EU “big bugger” Barroso tells it like it really is

  1. C H Ingoldby

    Actually, anyone who has cared to listen will have heard ‘pro Europeans’ openly talking about despising the public and democracy. Votes are dismissed as vulgar ‘popularism’ and the idea of an elite vanguard leading the ignorant people is openly acknowledged.

    It remains a truth that people simply refuse to acknowledge, regardless of the overwhelming evidence and proof of it all. When people refuse to see a truth then no evidence will ever be sufficent to disabuse them.