Another caption competition (sorry)

David Davis

I found this over at Legiron’s place, somewhere in Sunny Scotland, and I’m sorry but I just have to share the pic with you droids.

Let me quote from his piece:-

Anyway, the label informs me that it contains seven different nationalities of sulphite, but above that are the three little pictures of interest.

The first one obviously means ‘drink as much as you like, it won’t make you fat’. The second tells you what you can expect the room to do if you overindulge.

The third one looks like a one-armed man taking another bottle from a rather large wine rack and is an encouragement to open another one. How does a one-armed man operate a corkscrew? This and other deep questions have occupied many a booze-fuelled discussion in the past, and no doubt will in the future. (This para won’t go red, however hard I try, so bugger it.)

But I think we want some other captions too, people.

8 responses to “Another caption competition (sorry)

  1. Oh, it’s gone red now. Well to hell with it anyway.

  2. 1 – You can not get pregnant if you drink this wine
    2- This encourages mixed race sexual activities
    3 – Remember to change your underwear especially if you soil it. Do not bring it home.

  3. Graham Davies

    1) This drink is not suitable for pregnant singers.
    2) Fully compatible with the perennial classic ‘spin the bottle’.
    3) Recommended for tramps.

  4. 1. It’s a contraceptive
    2. So it’s OK to play spin the bottle
    3. As you strip off, put your clothes in the laundry basket

  5. Christopher Houseman

    1. This drink is only effective as a female contraceptive
    2. If you die as a result of drinking this, you may be reincarnated according to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang as an opening credit on “Dad’s Army”
    3. In any case, please ensure that your cremated remains are disposed of thoughtfully (preferably inside the empty bottle)

  6. Lovely, guys! Please keep it up. (Sorry, that was not a sexual pun.)

  7. 1. Watch out for fat birds when pissed, they may seem more attractive.
    2.May cause unadvised sexual experimentation.
    3. ?
    Not sure about the third one but it may be something to do with disposing the evidence if you fail to heed the first two warnings.