Perhaps the “Labour Party” will split….

..into the “Party”, and the “Labour part”.

David Davis

Interesting times.

8 responses to “Perhaps the “Labour Party” will split….

  1. The dimmer of two dim bulbs. What a glorious mess Labour are in. I imagine Blair is off chuckling hysterically to himself, clinking glasses of champers with Cherie.

    I’ve been eerily optimistic of late, as if somebody has been slipping ecstasy into my morning coffee. I suspect the cat. But I wonder if we’re at the turning point- or the tipping point as is the popular phrase these days- of Progressivism. It may fizzle sooner than I’ve been predicting. NuLab gone, and thoroughly gone, and the disastrous mess of the Obama presidency. That’s the two puritanglosocialism[1] superpowers hobbled. I’m even seeing a glimmer that the LibDems have tricked themselves into having to ditch their SocDem (Labour) wing and turn towards classical liberalism because of the Coalition.

    Things may be looking up. This isn’t the end. It isn’t the beginning of the end. But it just may be the end of the beginning.

    [1] alternative to GramscoFabiaNazi

  2. I can’t help feeling that all the ‘in depth’ analysis of the difference between the two Milibands is basically a crock of nonsense invented by journalists who need to fill stories.

    They are both interchangeable weird unnatural looking creatures who appear to have sprouted in a collectivist reproduction centre. The growing disconnect between the actual people and the ‘progressive’ elites is becoming more and more painfully apparent.

    Hopefully more and more people will start to notice this.

  3. I like “Puritanglosocialist” (did I type it Ok?)

  4. @CH
    The problem we still have is a completely drugged “people”, pithed to the extent that most are astonishingly uncurious about these matters. You should see the sheer size of their wireless tele visions, when you go in their houses, and the prominent, nay commanding, position these have in whatever is the principal roomspace.

    I saw one in Tarleton yesterday which is nearly 2 metres across if it’s an inch.

  5. There was a reason the Thatcher realistic period fizzled out and that was the self-satisfied conceit of its yuppies.
    Unfortunate. But that is human nature.

  6. David Davis, hopefully the sight of E Miliband on their 2 metre wide screens will send some messages that the media don’t intend to send.

    Even the drugged, over stimulated, short attention spanned, media zombies are surely going to notice that the Labour Party is led by the sort of person (and people) who if you met in real life you would feel very uncomfortable around.

  7. He’s clever: he’ll know how to say the right things, and contort his rubber face in the right way.

    They’re researching how to do it even now.

    Do not underestimate these GramscoFabiaNazis, ever. They’ll be back.

    The only way to save the planet is their eradication.

  8. “The dimmer of two dim bulbs. What a glorious mess Labour are in. I imagine Blair is off chuckling hysterically to himself, clinking glasses of champers with Cherie.”

    Neither of the Milibands is dim. Name six British pols who are brighter. Labour is adjusting to defeat, with Ed Miliband rejecting Blairism. Cherie has her own opinions and is in many ways smarter than Blair. No clinking glasses of anything there, I would guess.