Another Masterpiece by Richard Blake

Praise be! Praise be! If I had greater surety of His existence, I’d say praise be to God Almighty.
My friend Richard Blake – the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novelist – tells me that The Churchill Memorandum is finished. Doubtless, anyone who thinks world history since about 1940 has been for the best will be aghast. The relatives of certain deceased persons of consequence will be outraged. But that’s all part of the fun.
Work must begin next week on the contractually-required Ghosts of Athens next week. For the moment, praise be!

8 responses to “Another Masterpiece by Richard Blake

  1. Good news, when can we expect to see it in the shops/on amazon?

  2. I think I would prefer this book by Richard Blake to the ones on Constantinople. By the way, just a tip: this week has been great for holders of Gulf Key Petroleum (GKP) and Xcite Energy (XEL) stocks – that was probably the most important sentence you have read this year – they are both expected to continue to soar in the near future. But do you own reading and make up your mind first…

  3. Thanks for the information.

  4. Will Aelric live long enough to change the course of World War 1, having failed to avert it by doing the wrong thing in 1895? See next weeks thrilling book by Mr Blake!

  5. I wonder which will be published first, Ghosts of Athens as part of a consecutive pentalogy, or The Churchill Memorandum? Before either of them there is Sword of Damascus next summer, which I eagerly anticipate.

    In any case, congratulations to Mr Blake at this happy time. Let jubilation reign throughout the land!

  6. I don’t often read literature, but it is a shame that that is so. I wonder what sort of style Mr Blake writes in? Colloquial or high-style?

  7. This is fast becoming a Richard Blake blog!

    Is Mr. Blake a libertarian, I wonder?


  8. Mr Blake is a most committed libertarian. Indeed, in all the time we have known each other, I cannot think of a single political issue on which wwe have disagreed.