Sean Gabb on the BBC again to defend smokers

This is an interview, not a debate, and is much more sedate than the previous evening’s enjoyment.

3 responses to “Sean Gabb on the BBC again to defend smokers

  1. chris southern

    Good stuff Sean :)

    What you failed to mention though is that goverment encourages it yet won’t go the whole hog in a ban due to the revenue it gets from it’s various “sin” taxes (at least the Russian goverment has been honest to the people living their on the cigarette and alcohol taxation.)

  2. Good to hear another blast of good sense.

    I loved the bit about smokers causing a smog of smoke in front of doors! People really can be stupid.

    If any of these shows have websites with comments sections could you let us know so we can give some positive feedback?

  3. I think the Beeb does make room for comments, but have never bothered to look.