The best thing on telly in 1983

Sean Gabb

Most other people seem to have hated it. But this is the only television I watched in 1983, and I loved every minute. I even feel a slight influence on the writings of Richard Blake.

5 responses to “The best thing on telly in 1983

  1. Test

  2. I preferred “I Claudius” – from a few years earlier.

  3. This had a manic feel about it that I adored. Also, while the Ptolemies were all Greeks, who only put on Egyptian costume when they showed themselves outside Alexandria, this was probably as accurate a portrayal of the Hellenistic collapse as you’ll ever see on the telly.

  4. I guess that Mr Blake advised you about that stuff, all of which he is an expert on!

  5. Remarkable cast, remarkably wooden acting and script. No Sian Phillips.

    Still, all redeemed by wonderful kitsch value and gratuitous bare breasts.