Sword of Damascus

Sean Gabb

Richard Blake, the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling author of “Blood of Alexandria” etc, has now allowed me to read the copy-edited text of “Sword of Damascus”. It is with complete lack of bias that I pronounce this the greatest work of literature ever produced in the past 8,000 years of human history. The lady in the coffee bar where I now sit read but a single word of the title, and is still shaking as if from a religious experience. You will soon be able to reserve your copies on Amazon. For the moment, do see if you can obtain copies of “Blood of Alexandria”. The hardback edition sold out within days. But continued orders might prompt Hodder & Stoughton to order a reprint.


5 responses to “Sword of Damascus

  1. I hope for Mr Blake’s sake it’s bloody good, Sean, or you can tell him we will all come and get him. Tell him that it’s got to be

    (1) Funnier than “Blood of Alexandria,
    (2) Gorier than “The Terror of Constantinople”,
    (3) A better plot than “Conspiracies of Rome.”

    Does Mr Blake know whether The First Piss-Pot of Jesus Christ features in this one?

  2. Steven Northwood

    I get these all through the library and they’re a great read. :-)

  3. I think “Sword” is better than “Blood”, though this may not be a judgement based on objective literary criteria. As for borrowing through a library, Mr Blake’s own preference is for readers who BUY – and who buy multiple copies. However, he is registered under the Public Lending Right scheme, and gets about 5p every time a copy is borrowed.

  4. How about if i ask my library to order a copy? Would he get the royalty from a sale and also the 5p for lending out?