THe BBC to be shut down

Michael Winning

THese Onion people seem to think they can put guns at the head of whoever they think they should be paid by, and whatever rate the think they ought to have. OH well, if the BBC shuts down it will be no loss.

AS Sean has said I think before, its archves and copyrights can be sold to whoever wants them, nothing wll get lost that was worth saving, and we can all save 4 billion a year. Im sure the techies will get jobs breaking rocks somewhere hot and nice.

4 responses to “THe BBC to be shut down

  1. For a brief moment you had my hopes up.

    I have to pay my licence fee today and i don’t like the BBC and don’t have very much spare money.

    I am not a happy bunny.

  2. The BBC has audiences of 360 million in 90 countries.

    Someone must be doing something right.

    Who owns the radiofrequencies in the UK?

    How should they be paid?


  3. Governments say they own the “radio frequency spectrum”, everywhere.

    They let it out to bidders on time-contract basis usually. Certain frequencies and bands are internationally agreed, such as the 500KHz international distress freq, and the rather narrow “Amateur” bands for example at 160/80/40/20/15/10/6/4/2 metres, 432MHz and others.

  4. Appearances count. You may not like that, but it is an immutable fact of life.

    In what way does it help the libertarian cause to publish posts like this; replete with grammatical errors, inappropriate capitalisation and so on?

    All this post implicitly says to the reader is that libertarians are either thick or children.