Gunman kills seven and himself in Slovak capital | Reuters

I suppose the Slovaks will now get their first real dose of victim disarmament.

Gunman kills seven and himself in Slovak capital | Reuters

6 responses to “Gunman kills seven and himself in Slovak capital | Reuters

  1. I didn’t think there were any Gypsies left in Eastern Europe – they seem to all be here.

  2. Yes, the Slovaks, and all those others who happen to live inside the arbitrary lines of the Slovak state, yet who are not Slovaks.

    @dj: Try not to be a dick, eh?

  3. Graham Davies

    One of the main sales pitches of Political Correctness was that it was like manners on steroids – only an ill mannered ignoramus would oppose it. How quickly its practitioners dispense with that particular Trojan Horse!

    Not too dissimilar to the furore about gun control when one looks at how keen the police are at gunning down innocent men.

  4. Why do these “gunmen” always seem conveniently to kill themselves too? It seems so convenient somehow, that they then cannot give testimony about what they did. Here too it’s always the same.

    I think they are all agents of the state, and have been promised Eternal Life.

  5. Graham Davies

    Perhaps it’s the same handful of agents responsible for all these incidents? They do the dirty work and then put a bullet in a conveniently located patsy and move on to their next assignment? Rent-a-maniac, if you like. Considering what governments have got away with in the not too distant past, it’s small beer!

    Honestly though, the ‘gunman’, ‘gun crime’ and ‘knife crime’ labels are quite devious, aren’t they? It is almost as if the powers that be are transferring the mens rea for these nutcases into the item they happen to be holding at the time. It is quite acceptable to be a violent psychopath with a penchant for vanilla violence, but don’t you dare pick up a sharp object in public!

  6. Yes, disarming the public would seem to be what it’s all about.
    Stress people out and craziness comes to the surface, and when it does, make as much mileage from it as possible, I think is the M.O.