I Can’t Sing this One Either

Sean Gabb

But at least I don’t have to count my way through every bar, staring and rubbing my eyes!

2 responses to “I Can’t Sing this One Either

  1. chris southern

    Sing harmony lines Sean, it’s easier than squeezing your nuts!

    A good tip is to put a finger in one ear (obviously not whilst driving) as this will help you to hear your own voice and pitch more accurately (it’s like listening to a tape recording of your voice, it’s not the base sound from the reverberations of your skull you hear.)

    If need be, don’t sing the words to start with, hum etc to find a suitable harmony line.
    Sing from your stomach not your chest, by that breath with your stomach coming out, not by raising your chest. You will get more power and a fuller sound as well as better controll.

  2. Thanks. Will consider.