Cough, Splutter Rave….

Sean Gabb

I have a cough that is causing me to bring up lumps of yellow phlegm. I have decided to blame the Jewminati Lizards and their henchmen in the City of London.

Anyone who dares question this is by definition one of them!

3 responses to “Cough, Splutter Rave….

  1. You have a kind of bacterial trachaeitis.

    The cephalosporin antibiotics will get their teeth into that one’s ankle a treat. They are more expensive than the usual Amoxycillin, which is all the NHS can afford, and barely that. Amoxycillin will not work anyway. Don’t be pharmed off with “Amoxil” either.

  2. I propose to do my bit for the deficit by staying away from the doctor.

  3. Does anyone know of a good treatment for asthma?