Latest madness with biofuels at Drax Power Station

by Philip Foster

I have just heard from a friend that work is going on at the Drax Power Station building storage and adapting one of their 11 boilers to burn, wait for it…. willow wands! It will require, apparently, some 72,000 tons of the stuff every month. Local farmers are planting willows rather than crops to rake in the extra subsidies, but no way can they supply that amount of biofuel. Then there is the pollution generated by burning green twigs. Coal burning products are a doddle to clean up compared to this. These people are certifiable. Rev Philip Foster MA 1 Barnfield, Common Lane, Hemingford Abbots, Cambridgeshire PE28 9AX 01480 399098 Also SMP Ltd.

5 responses to “Latest madness with biofuels at Drax Power Station

  1. As I have said before: when the lights finally go out and there is also no food, either because no land has been prepared for sudden-food-production, or it has all been eaten, or nobody knows how to grow it, then we will just have to kill and grill and eat the people who did this to us.

    I did have other embellishments to add to this comment, but I decided they were too lurid even for this readership, and you never know who is watching either.

  2. The Progressives will continue until they have brought about such a disaster that the people lynch them.

    The whole Progressive project is, of course, a religion, and the Enemy Class are its priesthood. By enlarge, they are immune to rational argument. Only being discredited through disaster will break their hold on the West. It remains to be seen which disaster or disasters it will be : economic collapse, famine, defeat in a major war, pandemic, ethnic civil war or something else.

    For much of Western Europe my money would be on ethnic civil wars in thirty to forty years.

    The future, however, is for the most part uncertain. What is, however, certain is that the Progressives will keep loading us with more tax, more regulation and more idiocy, until the achieve their own destruction.

  3. God, i wish i was a farmer.

    Subsidised to not grow crops, subsidised to grow crops no one wants, subsidised to grow willow and other ‘biofuels’. And all the while the prices for food crops rockets.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know the subsides being offered for the willows and, out of greed, does anyone know any way to invest in subsidy farming (agriculture) via the stock market?

  4. Willow is good. We found one growing as a weed in our garden about 6 years ago. We let it grow, and today, we have just harvested its fronds to make a basket. Yep, ONE BASKET in SIX years.

    It’ll probably give us another one in another six years….