Something Wonderful

Sean Gabb

The score is handy for telling me the piece is in Db. And it generally helps explain why my own efforts at singing it in the car have not so far matched those of Mme Callas….

5 responses to “Something Wonderful

  1. chris southern

    Instead of trying to match the pitch Sean try a harmony part, you won’t have to go as high or as low (tennor) yet it will still flow with the piece.

  2. I’ll give it a go. Even so, unlike Chris Tame, who was happy enough to do his Elvis impersonations in public, this is not a performance I’d wish to inflict on a Libertarian Alliance conference. There are limits to my insistence on a libertarian presence in the arts….

  3. chris southern

    One thing that may help with how the harmony line could work with this piece Sean, think of the two vocal parts in Phantom of the opera. They compliment each other without following the same notes.

  4. Definitely Underground material.
    Stay on the Circle line and you can sing indefinitely.
    Costume would be important.

  5. I’ve been looking at the accompaniment. Until you see a score – which I don’t very often – it can be hard to realise just how clever these composers were.