Tony Blair to Expose Himself to the Serfs

The former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, will be signing copies of ‘A Journey’ at Waterstone’s Piccadilly on Wednesday 8th September at 1pm

One response to “Tony Blair to Expose Himself to the Serfs

  1. Christopher Houseman

    While I can understand those who might turn up to protest outside the store, it might be worth mentioning a few caveats to those who are thinking of buying Tony Blair’s extraordinary rendition of his life so far.

    1) The event may be cancelled without notice at any time per Waterstones. If you end up wasting money on “A Journey” with no Mr. Blair at the destination, will you really feel better when you tell yourself you acted in good faith on the best available intelligence?

    2) Will turning up 45 minutes early “just in case” (preferably with a mug of Horlicks in hand) really be necessary?

    3) If you pay for the book by any means other than cash, and Tony Blair ever faces war crimes charges, might your assets be siezed by SOCA because you’re an accessory after the fact in the financing of international terrorism?

    4) Does “A Journey” with 50pc off constitute a one-way ticket to a mixture of PTSD (do I really want to relive the Blair years?), boredom, and amazement at TB’s continuing ability to justify his actions in his own eyes?

    Best of British to anyone who goes, but I think I’ll abstain on this occasion.