Evil Pigs Go on Rampage in Wales

Sean Gabb


Deputy Chief Constable Carmel Napier said: “We expect the highest professional standards of its police officers and staff at all times and we can assure Mr Whatley and the public that this matter will be thoroughly investigated.”

3 responses to “Evil Pigs Go on Rampage in Wales

  1. Christopher Houseman

    With every such incident the carefully crafted, benevolent public mask of the state slips just a little further, so that all may see what lies behind it.

  2. Graham Davies

    …and these were stupid enough to demonstrate their thuggery in front of a Police camera. Makes you wonder what the rest are up to.

    Could this penchant for violence by the authorities lead to a kind of empathy for other psychopathic thugs? Why else was this killer not prosecuted for murder?