Some advice from the Americans

Fred Bloggs.

Howdy folks, long time, no type. But alas life stops me from blogging as always, (just came back from RAF Cranwell, where I was undergoing selections.) However, during my morning peruse of the headlines, I noticed a rather good article by a columnist for the ‘Wall Street Journal’ which asked Mr. Cameron to come to America, look at what Obama is doing, take note, and to make sure he NEVER does what Obama has done.

Here’s the article for your own enjoyment

3 responses to “Some advice from the Americans

  1. C H Ingoldby

    I wonder if Cameron has the wit to take such good advice.

    Unfortunately he is surrounded by overclever people. The sort of people for whom if doing the right thing is easy and simple will overthink it and suggest something difficult and complex.

    At the moment all Cameron should do with America is appeal to joint sentiment. Warm words about shared belief in Liberty and democracy and kind words about what a great place the USA is. It will cost nothing, it will commit to nothing and it will build up some goodwill.

    What’s the betting that is too simple for our political classes to understand?

  2. And the bugger’s gone off and seconded himself to BAe-systems next week…. I can’t see him posting anything useful then either!

  3. Dave:

    Do you perchance know Fred Bloggs?