Conservative MEP Roger Helmer on Wind “Power”

What is wrong with wind power

Friday, 2nd July 2010

Some people tell us that we should be using wind power, because the wind is free. Well the wind may be free, but wind power is very expensive indeed. Currently the annual subsidy per turbine is nearly £150,000, and that’s paid by you, the consumer, and by British industry.

To add insult to injury, wind farm operators are even being paid extra to turn off their turbines when their power is excess to requirements — for example at night. Scottish Power were recently paid £180 per megawatt hour for switching off, which amounted to £13,000 for turning off two wind farms for just over an hour.

More generally, UK subsidies to wind farms topped a billion pounds last year. It is estimated that total renewable energy subsidies will reach £10 billion by 2020, as the UK struggles to meet the EU’s hopelessly optimistic renewables targets. In addition, the National Grid will need investment of around £10 billion to cope with this new world of intermittent and distributed power sources.

The cost of wind is further increased by the need to keep conventional back-up constantly fired-up and available, for when the wind drops.

Taken together, it is likely that the costs of our renewables objectives will drive a million more British families into fuel poverty by 2020.

Wind power is intermittent, unpredictable and very, very expensive. Shaun Spiers of the Campaign to Protect Rural England has said that we will come to see wind turbines as the “redundant relics of our compulsion to do something”. The Renewable Energy Foundation says that wind turbines are garden ornaments, not power stations. Wind power is simply about gesture politics — about salving the consciences of the chattering classes.

Meantime the turbines are continuing their march across of some of the UK’s finest rural landscapes. They are blighting villages, and homes, and lives.

7 responses to “Conservative MEP Roger Helmer on Wind “Power”

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  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Another STINKING example of how the state machine loves to piss the taxpayers money up the wall.

  3. A lot of money to be made in the green business, of course.
    Bit like all that money that was made by the mortgage moguls in the states.
    Do we have to reluctantly but realistically come to the conclusion that it is, in truth not a posture but in very truth, run by gangsters criminals and conmen

  4. Howard R Gray

    The blithering spluttering classes can see these things on the hills and over the dales, for them it must feel so good to see techno blight at its best.

    Have you heard the noise these monsters make? Besides being eyesores, they can be heard for miles. The only thing green about these behemoths are the ruined landscapes all around them. These are vista busters, so why are they not put up in the urban landscapes of the New Labour party constituencies? We know why, some idea related to hippopotamus and criticism.

    I am very much in favour of bringing back fox hunting, giving the foxes a break, and putting greenies on the menu for the beagles.

    Release the hounds!

  5. Foxes are owned by the people of this country. Are you really in favour of destroying other people’s property?? Do the foxes have a say in this barbarism? Can the “greenies” shoot the hunters in self-defence?


  6. “First they came for the foxes…”


  7. . . . then they came for the wind turbines . . . ?

    I think, probably, the whole problem, yet again, goes back to the absence of a truly free market, and the fact of protected interests.
    If enterprise was truly free and open then the machines would be priced out of existence very quickly.
    I feel certain the running costs for for these behemoths of the sky must be quite high. All those moving parts?

    The solution is to remove artificial protections? Rather than trying to stop or start something from happening?