Dead Castro’s body-double looking moderately healthy

David Davis

You can ‘av’a’luff here.

3 responses to “Dead Castro’s body-double looking moderately healthy

  1. Continue to work something useful for others, so that you are respected by others. May God always give you clues to the right path

  2. He died some years ago Sean., just like Kim Jong-Il! These effing bastard Stalinists, of course can’t risk the apparent reality of death happening, or else their regimes might fall to bits at the sudden release of hydrostatic pressure from underneath. So they have to pretend to be leading extremely long, long lives.

    Brzezhnev was also dead long before they said he was. They not only dressed up his corpse in overcoats and hats for saluting parades (until he stank) but them co-opted similar-looking thugs to parade at the missile-fests. Then, when they ran out of guys, they decided to announce it as if it had just happened.