UKIP: Mike Smith – Ex-UKIP PPC commits suicide

I don’t think I ever met Mike. but I had various dealings with him over the years, and this news comes to me as a sad shock. SIG

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

UKIP: Ex-UKIP PPC commits suicide

Mike Keith-Smith was a former UKIPPER and PPC for Portsmouth North.

>From The News:

A prominent political figure has died after falling from the top of Portchester Castle.

Michael Keith-Smith plunged to his death from the top of the medieval castle’s keep shortly after it opened to the public.

The keep, which houses the main tourist displays, was closed for the rest of the day as police investigated the scene.

The 57-year-old, of Castle Road in Portchester, had been a controversial right-leaning political figure for many years – he was thrown out of the Conservative party in 2002.

And in 2005 he mounted a failed bid to win Portsmouth North for UKIP.

The Reverend Charlie Allen, the vicar of St Mary’s Church, which is in the grounds of the castle, lives close to the Keith-Smiths and has been helping to comfort his widow Judy.

Mrs Allen said: ‘It is an incredibly sad situation. Our prayers are with his family at this time.

‘It’s obviously a very traumatic time for all the family.’

His widow was too upset to speak to The News.

Mr Keith-Smith, who ran a rare book business from his home in recent years, is not believed to have had any children.

He died on Saturday morning, but police only confirmed the death yesterday afternoon when challenged by The News about reports circulating locally.

Police spokesman Neil Miller said: ‘Detectives are investigating the non-suspicious death of a man found in the grounds of Portchester Castle at 10am on Saturday. The coroner has been informed.’

Residents living nearby told that Mr Keith-Smith had been suffering from mental health problems for about the past 18 months.

He was also involved in local civic group the Portchester Society, giving a talk on military music to the group earlier this year. Ken Howkins of the society said: ‘It’s a very tragic event.’

Debbie Holden spokeswoman for English Heritage, which runs the castle, said: ‘English Heritage is saddened by the death at Portchester Castle on Saturday.

We would like to thank the police and emergency services and especially the visitors on that day for being so understanding about the early closure.’

The castle was open as usual on Sunday. An inquest has been opened and adjourned at Portsmouth’s Coroner’s Court.


Michael Keith-Smith, also known as Mike Smith, was a chartered surveyor by trade, but attained national notoriety as a right-wing politician.

He was an active member of the Monday Club, a pressure group on the right-wing of the Conservative Party.

After the party severed its ties with the group in 2001 because of concerns over its anti-immigration policies, Mr Keith-Smith became a co-founder of the Conservative Democratic Alliance.

In 2002, Iain Duncan Smith expelled him from the Tories for threatening to stand candidates against the Conservatives. But Mr Keith-Smith responded with a High Court writ forcing his reinstatement.

However, he soon switched allegiance to UKIP, running as its candidate in Portsmouth North in the 2005 general election. Tory candidate Penny Mordaunt later blamed his intervention for allowing Labour’s Sarah McCarthy-Fry to win the seat.

A year later he became the first person to win a case for libel over the internet against a former schoolteacher who had called him a ‘nonce’ and a ‘Nazi’ on an online message board. He was awarded £10,000 plus £7,200 costs by the High Court.

23 responses to “UKIP: Mike Smith – Ex-UKIP PPC commits suicide

  1. One important factor about the wretched Mike Keith-Smith has not been mentioned in this brief report about his timely demise. He was a vexatious and vindictive litigant, who made the lives of many innocent people a complete misery. His basic tactic was to inhabit numerous Internet discussion forums and then “wind people up” (usually complete strangers) and then wait for them to go “over the top” in their responses – then sue them for libel! He completely ruined the life of one innocent man who foolishly settled out of court when he threatened him, and won a default £10,000 plus costs award against a lady who never turned up in court. This however proved a pyrrhic victory for Keith-Smith, as he never managed to collect a penny of this award, inspite of continuing to threatened both the lady herself and her husband – and even initiated police action against them (which was quickly dropped by the police). Keith-Smith also developed an unfathomable and irrational hatred against the Chairman of the Swinton Circle, and threatened to sue him for libel for some innocuous comments which he had written in a private e-mail circular. The Swinton Circle Chairman fought this ridiculous action, and inevitably the Courts were not interested in pursuing this vindictive matter. Keith-Smith finally met his nadir when he tried to sue Roger Helmer, the Conservative MEP for the East Midlands however, with the magistrate ruling that he was “misusing the legal system”. Keith-Smith’s death means that no more innocent people are going to suffer from his litigious vendettas.

  2. It is a shame that one so rancid in their ire cannot rise above their very basest instincts to show respect for a tragic human condition. Whatever the ins and outs of Mr Keith-Smith’s undoubtedly chequered life, he cared passionately about the things that mattered to him. There is every indication, even at this early stage, that he had been unwell. It is therefore most un-gracious to cast such brimstone judgement in quite such a passionate tone, in quite such a public forum. May greater wisdom prevail.

  3. The Ghost of Mike Smith

    The person posting under the name of the Swinton Circle is Alan Harvey who was actually kicked of the Swinton Circle a few years back. Mike Smith NEVER threatened to sue the chairman of the Swinton Circle (who is someone called Allan Robertson), it was Alan Harvey ex-member of the Swinton Circle who Smith was taking libel action against before his unfortunate demise.
    Harvey seems to inhabit numerous Internet discussion forums often passing himself off as the Swinton Circle and seems to have a history of trying to disrupt patriotic groups such as the CDA and the Swinton Circle.

  4. Mr. Allan Robertson was expelled from the Swinton Circle in early 2009 for gross misconduct. The current Chairman of the Swinton Circle is Mr. Alan Harvey, who was unanimously re-elected at the organisation’s 2010 AGM.

  5. Alan Harvey was expelled from the Springbok Club for gross indecency following his arrest in connection with nude photographs of himself sporting a two and a half inch erection while wearing a diaper which he’d sent to various female victims.

    Prior to that Harvey was expelled from the Swinton Circle for mental instability, he was expelled from the Patriotic Forum for anti-social behaviour and he was expelled from the National Front (Kent branch) in the early 90s for ‘misappropration of party funds’.

  6. The lunatic posting under the pseudo-name of “The Springbok Club” is quite clearly in need of serious psychiatric treatment. Absolutely nothing quoted in the above posting is true – and can be proved not to be true! The deranged person who made this posting quite clearly has not only a depraved mind, but indeed a diseased mind. For their own sake, and for those around them, they MUST get medical help.

  7. Re. the posting from “Holiday Cottage Hampshire”. The important point to bear in mind about Keith-Smith is that the only thing he “cared passionately” about was making other people’s life a misery – in most cases complete strangers who he had only made contact with via the Internet.

    If we are going to be fair and objective in all obituary postings then we must be completely honest when describing the lives of those whose only contribution to society was totally negative. The fact of the matter is that Keith-Smith had NO redeeming features. If, as stated, he was “unwell” (the implication being that he was suffering from psychiatric disorder – similar to that displayed by some subsequent posters on this thread!) then why didn’t his family ensure that he received the treatment which he so obviously needed – rather than allowing him to continue trying to wreck the lives of complete strangers? If his family members now take offence at the fact that the truth about this wretched man is currently being aired in the public domain then they only have themselves to blame.

  8. So glad to hear of his demise!
    There can surely be no redeeming traits to this vindicative litigious parasite other than that he eventually topped himself.

  9. Mike Smith was a great man – I liked him a lot. I never met him in person, but I had thousands of emails from him, and I cannot fault him for pursuing a libel action against that “lady”, who lived in a council flat and carried on a campaign of harrassment against Mike.

  10. Tracy Williams

    DJ, I am the lady he sued, and you are obviously ignorant of the facts. Smith bought the court case. And so what if I live in a council House, your comment shows you up for the bigot you most certainly are. I am not surprised you and Smith got along. You cannot fault him for pursuing the libel case?? if you had been a real friend you would have advised Smith to drop the case. It cost him a lot of money and you know what it cost me a big fat NOTHING. In the last months before he died he was bombarding me with emails offering me money and asking me to meet him, he got in touch with the man he sued solicitors offering money. I think Smith had been ill a very long time, and he got some sort of perverted pleasure out of hurting people by attempting to destroy them, possibly because of his inadequacies and his metal health state but still money, and little power can do a lot of damage, even if you’re unstable like Smith. I was OK as I am a council house dweller with nothing much (except a lot more intelligence than your kind) but I beat him, and the bankruptcy was sweet! As another subscriber noted .he took on to much when he went for Roger Helmer. Smith was already down and out for the count when he decided to sue Roger Helmer!

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  12. Tracy, I don’t know the details – who was Roger Helmer, and what happened, and was that anything to do with the suicide? Tracy, you are actually wrong, in that I did privately recommend him to ignore the online harassment – as you point out, people with no money are not worth suing, and it demeans one to come down to the level of people who were behaving as you were behaving.

  13. C H Ingoldby

    Looking at the case of Keith-Smith v Williams it is fairly clear that Tracy Williams is not a lady in any sense of the word.

  14. Quote C H Ingoldby:-
    “Looking at the case of Keith-Smith v Williams it is fairly clear that Tracy Williams is not a lady in any sense of the word.”

    Who made you a ‘judge’ and ‘jury’ !!!!

  15. David and I are watching this thread. Anything we reasonably think libellous we’ll have no choice but to take down asap. I know I keep banging on about free debate on the LA Blog, but the stated limit has always been anything that might get us in trouble with the law.

    Please bear this in mind.

  16. C H Ingoldby

    Tracy Williams has repeatedly used the most vile of language and made the most vile of accusations, which have been shown in a court of law to be baseless.

    Not the behaviour of a lady.

  17. Tracy Williams

    CH I do not use vile language. Your silly comments might gain your some credibility if you did not sprinkle them with such pitiful abuse and nonsense.

    The amount of stuff Smith attempted to throw at me in his ‘just’ cause should have given him some reward for his indefatigable efforts in stalking me, but he didn’t succeed in any course of action he took against me. So please leave your silly comments to yourself because it is quite obvious you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

  18. Tracy Williams

    DJ, I don’t know maybe you should ask Roger Helmer as Helmer was the last person Michael attempted to sue, hence the vexatious litigant comment made by the judge.

    ‘As I was behaving’ Really, you are a very ignorant person and very selective in what you deem appropriate behavior. Like CH, you hysterics give you very little credibility.

  19. Tracy Williams

    Michael may have saved himself and his family much heartache if he had been stopped and mentally assessed back in 2006, as another of the those sued by him requested before the court case. Throughout all of the fiasco that was Keith-smith vs Williams, I never hated Mike, I pitied him but Level 9 was my defense and it served a purpose in outing other CDA bigots, and I take full credit for its delightful demise. As soon as I was informed Michael had died, I took it down and as far as I am concerned it is over.

  20. Tracy Williams

    BTW CH, I have been going through the emails between Mike and I, and it made me think you could be the old sot Charles Regan, as your noxious drivel is similar to postings he made in various forums using various guises. Anyway Mike told me so much about you, (and none of it very flattering) that I feel… I know you personally although I am so glad I do not. Indeed Mike treated me like a confessional box in those emails and told me so much about so many of those that got involved one way or another in partucular Charles Regan and GLF. Mike also made the comment below so do bare it in mind next time you cowardly sit at a PC, i the CHi Library tapping out your poison:

    “What I accept now I suppose was always obvious if I had seen it from an early stage. You did stupid and unpleasant things for a ‘good’ reason (you wanted to hurt the felings of someone who you believed had hatefully abused a friend)” Mike Smith

  21. Tracy Williams claims Level 9 was to out bigots yet she had no reservations about hosting Alan Harvey on her site! Tracy became a close ally of Harvey after Harvey libelled Smith.

    Smith had Harvey kicked out of the Swinton Circle because Harvey and his buddy Gary Cartwright, both of who are very circumspect, shall we say, about their neo-nazi past, were trying to oust Smith from UKIP, which they failed to do. Cartwright was a member of the CDA in its early days but was later ‘turned’ by Harvey. It’s now suspected that Harvey was ‘turned’ by Ray Hill as early as the seventies.

    Presumably Harvey sent Tracy Williams those now infamous nude photographs he took of himself? It’s a pity Smith never lived to seen them, they’d have made his day.

  22. Oh, I think it’s time to move you all on. Since I know nothing about the personal issues you are debating, and feel a slight and legalistic pricking in the back of my neck every time another of these messages is posted, I think it’s time to end this discussion here. There must be other blogs that will be happy to accommodate your arguments.

  23. Alan Harvey's Nappy

    Judge for yourself: Alan Harvey’s nappy pictures