Nick Griffin: Extract from His Essay on the Culture War


What Is Needed to Run the Country?

There is also the question of running the country having been elected to do so. A future electoral victory may be registered with a majority at Westminster, or by a pan-European coalition of nationalists in the EU Parliament. In either case, the number of people required to represent and put into legislation the wishes of millions of voters would only be a few hundred.

But to apply that legislation would take several hundred thousand people. Whatever the constitutional fiction, the modern state is not run and directed by elected representatives. The real power to apply or frustrate the will of the majority lies with the civil servants who brief Ministers and put their wishes into action – or not, with the programme controllers and editors who decide what the public hear and see, or with the teachers who shape the minds of the next generation of voters.

This is why even a successful electoral takeover, in itself, cannot be enough to replace even the most disastrously bad internationalist puppet regime with a nationalist one. For if the real levers of power remain in the hands of individuals who remain ideologically committed to the old order of liberal multi-culturalism and corporate greed, then new laws will simply be ignored, much needed reforms will be botched or stalled, and even basic and popular electoral pledges are likely to be unfulfilled.

The Libertarian Alliance spokesman Dr. Sean Gabb has written persuasively on this subject in his must-read book Cultural Revolution, Culture War – how conservatives lost England and how to get it back, which includes some thoroughly practical proposals for dealing with this problem. This includes simply adopting a slash and burn approach to vast swathes of the machinery of the PC and tax-eating servile state. This would not only radically cut the tax bill, but also drastically reduce the number of positions of bureaucratic influence which the incoming nationalist government would have to fill.

Deadline 2014: The Convergence of Catastrophes and What the BNP Needs to Do, by Nick Griffin | British National Party

2 responses to “Nick Griffin: Extract from His Essay on the Culture War

  1. This is a very thoughtful appraisal of the problem which faces us in Britain, and in particular, England, today.

    The difficulty would not have arisen if what Enoch Powell called a “preventable evil”, which is to say: the mass takeover and massive-multiplying of state-patronage-positions, to be deliberately staffed by GramscoFabiaNazis (which the “universities” would train to order) had not been allowed by us to happen while our backs were turned.

    The “slash and burn” approach is I am afraid the only one which will have any hope of success. It may, although I hope not, require to co-operation of the Armed Forces. These _/may/_ be required, to hold a line, while slashing and burning is going on, against the more “organised” part of the public masses (manily dragooned “trade union” members and the like) are forced to stand aside while their buildings are emptied, their “departments’ ” records are burned (literally), their office-related-private-belongings are bin-linered in order in the street for them,, their “pension records” are permanently deleted and erased utterly from “the system”, and they are turned loose to fend for themselves, hopefully not at gunpoint.

    It would be nice to imagine that there was no “public sector employment” left at all whatsoever, after such a cleansing event. Except perhaps a few thousand soldiers whose Generals’ and Admirals’ and Air Marshalls’ next thoughts will be directed to the strategic and ongoing problem of Russia, under the auspices of the office of the Foreigners-and-War-Secretary.

    We might allow a few thousand Public Libraries, staffed by old ladies and retired colonels. These will contains thousands and thousands, and thousands, of books, each on high shelves, unreachable by the disabled except those accompanied, as is right, by friends who will charitably reach up for them as is right and proper. They will NOT be internet cafes.

  2. Does the book advocate

    1. the disenfranchisement of most women?

    2. a one-party state?

    3. a narrower tax-payer only franchise?

    If not then I suppose I must write my own book then.