Wonderful News for the Greeks

by Sean Gabb

I am informed by Richard Blake, the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling author, that his novels are to be published in Greek.

All I now wonder is that, given these evidences of the universal accord in which he is held, where are those bleeding Hollywood people??????

4 responses to “Wonderful News for the Greeks

  1. Richard Blake’s latest masterpiece is out of stock on Amazon. Is this because the books are selling well or because Amazon didn’t buy any until they see the demand?

  2. The books, I am told, are selling much faster than the publishers anticipated. However, Mr Blake signed 200 copies of the hardback for Goldsboro Books in Cecil court, just off Charing Cross Road. There are still several dozen of these left. Unless Goldsboro has noticed the general shortage, you should be able to get copies at the published price. Already, though, prices might be heading towards £100 – not much of which goes to Mr Blake!

  3. Sometimes I find myself wondering if I’ve strayed fron the Libertarian Alliance to a parallel universe where the Alternative Bookshop is still open. But there is no alternative — it’s any book you like as long as it’s written by a gentleman called Richard Blake… Smiles


    Meanwhile the Burgomeister’s Books (Google it) is open to all readers. Thousands of e-books in their excellent library. Smiles

  4. You will find that Mr Blake carries the libertarian message to readers who would not otherwise encounter it.