Some very very good news

David Davis

It looks like some people think “New Labour” failed because of not enought socialism. Perhaps we still have a few years to organise, but we had better hurry up this time

2 responses to “Some very very good news

  1. Howard R Gray

    Much like the idea that Russia wasn’t really communist enough, New Labour just isn’t really socialist enough either. Yep, that sort of makes sense somewhere to someone who might “help”.

    How many times should we suffer socialism? Perhaps, at some point, we will return permanently to the natural order (spontaneous of course) of free trade and heaven on earth? At least there would be a world with a deal less mass killing. What is the current death toll at the hands of the left, 100,000m for the CCCR, China, Cambodia, and Germany?

    For the soft left, read New Labour, how many thousands of aborted babies must we have? Homicide is homicide, unless of course you define a human fetus, at some artificial moment, as not being human enough to qualify for homicide only abortion partial or otherwise. Why is it that black babies seem to be the larger number up for abortion? What exactly is the utility of unborn babies getting a death penalty, sans a court’s sentence of death, but murderous crooks get a free pass? Perhaps it would be helpful to remember that George Bernard Shaw (Nice man with white beard and fine playwright, bit like God), was in favour of killing those who were not acceptable, but only after some Fabian panel of the wise and good decided it was some poor benighted soul’s turn for their bucket to be kicked! Nice those Fab Fabians. Not to be outdone, those USA Weathermen, when asked by an FBI spy how many would be killed (“eliminated” so academic!) after the revolution, rather than venture an opinion on precipitation for the day, they piped up with a cool 25m. Nice! I wonder what that number is today and how many immigrants might end up on that list? Do not doubt they have a list.

    Somehow I don’t think I want to travel anywhere with these fellows, by the same token, fellow travelers should be aware that they aren’t exempt from being murdered once they are deemed irrelevant once the revolution comes.

    Perhaps history is just a sour dream and that none of this will ever happen again? I hope so.

  2. Whoever says “Organization” at once says “Oligarchy.”

    Robert Michel’s Iron Law of Oligarchy