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5.0 out of 5 stars YOU CAN NOT BEAT A GOOD STAKE, 26 Jun 2010

james eves "WOUIFE"

This review is from: The Blood of Alexandria (Hardcover)

This is my first outing with Richard Blake Aelric,the young British clark who has become a senator and trusted henchman of Emperor Heracluis and i found that it kept me page turning all the way to the end of this politcal intrigue in 612AD Egypt.The one character i was not sure of was the Mistress who seem to float through the story but was not notice by anyone except Aelric and who had powers that seem to take us into the world of fantasy.The man who i grew to like was Priscus,the old enemy from Constantinopl who has a drug habit and a passion for a nice stake,but not all ways on the plate,which along with his pet cat,was not unlike that of a Bond villain.I also throught the Amazon Nuns was a nice touch in the final outcome,so perhaps not so far from fantasy.So to sum up,a good read that makes me want to explore the first two books by Blake and the ending leads one to believe we will have more adventures with Aelric yet to come. james eves "WOUIFE"’s review of The Blood of Alexandria

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  1. Will the Mistress be explained in the later books?

    I must confess I wasn’t entirely sure what the metallic thing was supposed to be across the gap in the underground place – a cannon?

  2. And if it was a cannon, how would someone of that period recognise it as such?

  3. Something that can bring down cities using technology not generally available?

  4. You must ask Mr Blake. I am in no position to comment. However, my understanding is that the ambiguity was intended.