The German Horse begins to tire of its French jockey…

…and hopefully may throw it off into a cowpat.

David Davis

Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against either the Germans or the (West) Germans who live west of the upper and middle Rhine. If the re-assertion of Nationhood on the European Continent involves the resurrection of German realisation that it’s about time it stopped having to “apologise for the War”, then that’s fine by me. Germany – strategic/iconic discoveries apart, such as the Electron, the neutron and fission, was always going to be the industrial and scientific power-engine of Europe: it was irrelevant, by about 1905, what we or the US or Russia did.

It’s also fine if France, while being held tightly by the UK and Germany into the Western Sphere of Influence (so it stops thinking it invented “la Civilisation”, stops also trying to stray into hot dry places, or even humid wet places like SE Asia, in search of subject-peoples ‘coz it can’t find any more at home) is put in its place finally as a marvellous holiday-destination containing more than an average amount of smart people, and some of the planet’s finest wines, champagnes and brandies.

The real bonus, of course, is that the EU will begin to unravel at the seams, just like Belgium is doing today. The Euro is big enough to sink or swim on its own, like the deficit. It may survive, it may not. But the German Mark certainly will.

One response to “The German Horse begins to tire of its French jockey…

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