Richard Blake in “The Times”, Friday 11th June 2010

From The Times

Over a dozen people and three police officers were taken to hospital yesterday, after violence erupted at the launch of Richard Blake’s new novel The Blood of Alexandria.

Fans had queued all night outside the Charing Cross Branch of Waterstones to obtain first copies of this much-awaited work by the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novelist. However, when copies ran out after the first ten minutes, disappointed fans fought viciously in Trafalgar Square with knuckle dusters and sharpened umbrellas.

Chief Inspector Srindomar Pakeshi defended his decision to use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds. Speaking from the hospital room where he has resumed his sick leave, he said: “In over 18 months of policing, I’ve never seen anything like it. I had no choice but to order my officers to open fire.”

Enid Braithwait, 73, Chairwoman of the Richard Blake Appreciation Society, threw the whole blame on the management of Waterstones. She said: “If only they had ordered another 500 copies, none of this would have been necessary. As it is, I just don’t care about the plate glass windows.”

Richard Blake was unavailable for comment.

6 responses to “Richard Blake in “The Times”, Friday 11th June 2010

  1. Spencer Whitlock

    Smart people will avoid the crowds and order their copies online.

    Who will be playing Aelric in the big screen adaptation?

  2. Truth can be stranger than fiction, eh?


  3. I think it should be Richard Todd. But sadly, he’s dead. So I guess Clark Gable instead. Or perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger in the meantime until we can find an Ethnic English Star With The Right Qualities.

    Clint Eastwood could play him when he is 90+, at the end of the poly-bookology.

  4. Spencer Whitlock

    Yes, I can see Eastwood in that role. Perhaps the young Aelric could be played by Bradley Pitt. I know there’s a 23-year age difference, but audiences overlooked that sort of thing in ‘Grease’ and ‘Back to the Future’. He has the advantage of being “golden” and tall, able to hold his own in swordplay. The accent might be a challenge if we don’t want a repeat of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. One solution would be to give Pitt an easier-to-do German accent, which would be justifiable given Aelric’s heritage.

  5. What price the film rights?


  6. Total artistic control, or a shedload of money – preferably the latter!