The subtext drips, wet with condescension

Michael Winning

angrier than normal

Nick Palmer (ex) MP has gone on the dole. Needless to say, he got specialist CV help and got put in touch with headhunters. By the “staff” of the “Jobcentre”. He was a Nasty lefty MP, should have known better. But I guess he did, that’s why he got a lorra-lorra help.

I had a mate once, I did. He used to run and own his own firm. He retired and couldn’t do it any more, he was tired, he was only about 50 then. He went to the “Jobcentre”, where he was grilled by a Jobstapo-woman-droidtron, who probably voted Labour all her life. He said she walked about with an ID card thing on a blue strappy number, round her neck all the tme.

He had to go back when she said for four interviews, one a week, with her and then others. Then, She said after all this he could not have any “benefits” as he had been a “director” of his firm and so had paid “the wrong kind of NI contripbutions”. So no “unempliyment” for him, nor “the Supplementary”. And to add insult to injury she told him to go and look for jobs himself as they had nothing for him. She handed him out a sheet about how to write letters to “firms”. he had to bring in copies of letters to firns he’d written to in the last week. To show.

Well there you go

My mate’s dead now. Died in 2002

Lefty British state peple better watch it, because I remember things, me. Not that I’d do anything, mind,, Just remember.

One response to “The subtext drips, wet with condescension

  1. Howard R Gray

    Statists don’t get it about where wealth comes from. No wonder they insist on not giving ex wealth creators dole money. Perhaps when the whole thing collapses then they will realize there isn’t a money tree somewhere in Kew Gardens.