Richard Blake Signing

by Sean Gabb

I am  able to reveal that the critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novellist Richard Blake will be at Heffer’s in Cambridge on the 15th July, to sign copies of his miraculously glorious novel “Blood of Alexandria”, and to discuss his own genius and supreme goodness of mind. No cameras will be permitted….

4 responses to “Richard Blake Signing

  1. Corvus Corax

    Come on Sean, everyone knows who “Richard Blake” is, and these overblown adverts for the book are going on a bit to say the least.

    Your scholarly articles on the philosophy of libertarianism are interesting and well received, but “Richard Blake’s” self aggrandisement could be toned down a little. After all, he’s not exactly Umberto Eco when it comes to historical literature is he?

  2. Spencer Whitlock

    Indeed, everyone who’s anyone has heard of Richard Blake. Alas, there is sad shortage of anyones. That so many esteemed literary characters have come out with the highest praise for his series of “[noun] of [location]” novels is surely testament to their magnificence.

    Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the signing. It may have been different had Mr. Blake been singing, as my original misreading of the title led me to believe. Such is life.

  3. I think Richard Blake ought to tell his publishers that they ought to be allowed to pay as may people as they like, to go to signings of his books masquerading as him. There are, indeed, many poor and deserving libertarians who would crawl over broken glass to do the honours.

  4. Since Mr Blake is too modest to blow his own trumpet and bang his own drum, it is wholly fitting that I should take up the instruments on his behalf.