I often wonder about North Korea

Michael winning

My colleague David Davis thinks Kim Jong=Il is dead and has been for some years. Perhaps so, perhpas not. There’ll be no shortage of starving sods wanting the job of body-double anyway.

Now it says over at Samizdata that things could be getting rocky over the “torpedoed” S Korean corvette. But secretary-of-state Clinton does n’t seem to get it.

Time’s overdue for people with a more libertarian turn of mind to get involved in foreign affairs theory more. It ought to be an indignity, that state like North korea are still allowed to get away with what they do to their people.

3 responses to “I often wonder about North Korea

  1. chris southern

    Kicking down ping pongs front door won’t work, unfortunately economic collapse and reintegration with south Korea is the most likely sollution. Unfortunately it’s a solution that will see possibly as many starve as in the old soviet block (and then you have ping pongs sycophants slaughtering innocents before they are removed.)

    Going in making threats (or military invasion) will lead to greater instability than what happenend with the dash for oil in the middle east.

    I understand that you know this but ping pong and his sycophants know this as well (hell, China stands to gain no matter what happens!)

  2. As long as there are enough men with guns who say with Satan in Paradise Lost that it’s better to rule in hell than serve in heaven, members of the human race will periodically create and recreate more North Koreas.

  3. Tony Hollick

    The biggest problem with asking libertarians to take an interest in foreign policy is that most of them (in the US at least, where most libertarians are) are likely to be steered in a non-interventionist direction by their leaders.