Sean on the Beeb Tonight!

On the back of my earlier news release about price floors for alcohol, I’ve been booked for a debate on BBC Radio 5 Live tonight at 10pm BST (Friday 21st May 2010). The Presenter will be Stephen Nolan. I shall be up against a Professor Ian Gilmore, who is a liver specialist convinced that higher prices are the only path to saving us all from killing ourselves with drink. If you want to listen, Radio 5 is somewhere on the Medium Wave and on Freeview. Otherwise, you can go here:    

If you want to contribute to the discussion, here are all the contact details:

Call: 0500 909 693

SMS/MMS: 85058


3 responses to “Sean on the Beeb Tonight!

  1. Um, is this post meant to be formatted in this strange manner?

    On a more practical note, Gilmore is a major figure in the Temperance Movement, and if I got the chance to debate him I’d stick him on that- that is, that he is not speaking as a doctor as he likes to pretend he is, but as a full-time temperance campaigner who uses his medical credentials as cover.

    Alcohol consumption is consistently falling (see Dick Puddlecote’s blog et al for details) and there is no “binge drinking” crisis to answer. It is a propaganda invention.

    Anyway, best of luck against this noxious weed.

  2. I couldn’t bear to listen to all of it, but “get on with it, woman!” was a definite highlight, Sean ;)

  3. Dear Dr Gabb

    Heroic, as always. Do keep it up.

    I’m sorry you have to talk to these idiots on our behalf but it is appreciated. If it’s any consolation, some of us are having similar arguments with lesser idiots in front of smaller audiences and, of course, winning.

    Kind regards,