Cobden Centre Lecture (Plus Free Food & Drink!)

The Cobden Centre

For honest money and social progress
The Cobden Centre is delighted to invite you to its Annual Lecture and Drinks Reception to be held on Wednesday 9 June 2010 between 6.30pm and 9.00pm at the National Liberal Club, On Whitehall Place, London SW1
(nearest tube station: Embankment).
The Emperor’s New Clothes:
How to Pay off the National Debt and Give a 28.5% Tax Cut
Toby Baxendale

Toby Baxendale is Chairman of The Cobden Centre and a graduate of the London School of Economics. Dedicated to furthering the teaching of the Austrian School of Economics, he and his colleagues are passionate about reviving the Great Manchester School of Cobden and Bright. Toby is an entrepreneur who owns a company that is Britain’s largest fresh fish supplier to the catering trade. He also has active interests in several charities and is a Magistrate and an Ironman triathlete. 

The dress code for this event is lounge suit or small casual.
To confirm your attendance please RSVP Dr. Helen Evans at

2 responses to “Cobden Centre Lecture (Plus Free Food & Drink!)

  1. Christopher Houseman

    Sounds like a promising improvement on the current diet of “Freedom, Fairness and Responsibility” (which would be fine if genuine).

    Freedom – to have a bit more personal privacy and free(r) speech, but not to hold a referendum on EU membership.
    Fairness – a clear warning that economic intervention in the name of centrally-planned redistribution will continue.
    Responsibility – a clear warning that, whatever you have left after the “Fairness” tax raid on your resources, will have to cover more of your expenses.

    I can think of nothing more likely to put the masses off smaller government than the prospect of having to pay for more out of their own pockets *after* they’ve finished paying for the last round of big government/corporatist failures *and* the next round of redistribution.

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