Richard Blake New Novels

The Blood of Alexandria

My dear friend Richard Blake informs me that his publisher has accepted his latest novel without alteration. “Sword of Damascus” has been described as “a masterpiece without blemish” – apart from the typos, that is. Sadly, you will have to wait another year to see this stupendous achievement. But his “Blood of Alexandria” has already found its way into some bookshops. It will be in Waterstones before the month is out.

3 responses to “Richard Blake New Novels

  1. Tony Hollick

    The earliest known steel swords were forged by Hebrew swordsmiths on the slopes of Mount Crisium in present-day Syria.


  2. Steven Northwood

    I’ll pop down to the library probably, I had The Terror of Constantinople in hardback last time. Nothing like a good read!

  3. Spencer Whitlock

    The paperback versions are quite common at airport WHSmiths, in my experience.