Morning Has Broken

William Hague as Foreign Secretary? Yuk! He was the worst ever Tory Leader apart from Churchill and Cameron. However, I suppose he’ll enjoy visiting all those foreign parts.

5 responses to “Morning Has Broken

  1. Better keep him abroad as much as possible then. He can wear one of those silly sport hat things like before, but this time it’ll actually be to keep the sun off.

  2. Christopher Houseman

    Think of it as a form of subsidised exile – especially if it involves extensive “fact finding” junkets, sorry I mean tours.

  3. What’s so wrong with Hague? Compared to the leftist old-Etonian chancers – Cameron, Clegg, et al., he’s a Conservative and a star.

  4. Unlike them, WH has made the effort to lie to us about his beliefs.

  5. Tony Hollick

    What’s so wrong with Hague??? Are you kidding? Smarmy, pretentious, phoney is all.