The Evil One still thinks he owns the soul of the Lib Dems

And no, I did not mean Gordon Brown.

David Davis

Whether or not Nick Clegg decides to help the Tories remove the Wicked Westmonster from Downing Street, where it malevolently squats, slitty-eyed and lockjawed, at all-comers, one thing became clear today.

The droids that think they own the right to boss, to hector, to threaten, to “choice-edit”, and to kill in the name of “fairness”, just as Pol Pot thought, are now coming for Clegg too. “Liberal Democracy” is not enough for them: only tyranny will do. He’d do well to lock his doors at night from now on.

There might be something to be said for Proportional Representation, as Dr Sean Gabb was discussing with me on the phone a little time ago, this being since FPP has clearly failed to deliver liberty in modern times, even under the more recent less socialist than socialist Tory governments.

But it’s what else the droids will contrive to “demand” that is the real danger.

3 responses to “The Evil One still thinks he owns the soul of the Lib Dems

  1. Certainly the current system has failed to deliver liberty, but will PR? We have a mixture of PR and Preferential Voting here and it isn’t delivering liberty either. Nor does it look like doing so any time soon. Bottom line, liberty won’t be delivered by anything as simple as an electoral system, but some systems might at least allow libertarianism to get a bit more attention. Then the sales pitch can really begin.

  2. Yep, it appears the Enemy Class have decided that now’s the time to implement PR, along with their new “progressive consensus” propaganda. Of course, it’s just cementing another of the aspects of the Yankee left model- it’s “everyone” who are “progressives” except the eeeeeeeevil “conservatives”.

    And likewise, a “grassroots” movement that exactly duplicates American proggie “grassroots” movements. 38 Degrees is our MoveOn; run by veteran GreenProg activists (leader is former head of activism at Friends Of The Earth) and funded by Big Green money, notably one Henry Tinsley, an organic/green profiteer. A sort of shabby, bargain basement Soros who punts funds at the Labs and Libs. So, to follow the American trend, we must call it “astroturf”.

    So, the narrative has been emplaced. We will now all dutifully debate PR vs FPTP as we are required, and there will be loud declarations that “there is a debate” and “the people demand it” and then it shall be done, while numskulls wave the purple (for purple, ’tis the appointed colour of this particular “people’s” movement) banners they’ve been given and told to wave.

    Everything’s going to plan.

  3. Howard R Gray

    Here is a really annoying method for the conduction of elections, put all the votes in a barrel, turn them over a few times, the returning officer pulls out ballots matching the number of candidates for that constituency, the most ballots siding for one of the contestants wins. If there is no overall winner on the first run, just do it again until one party or another wins.

    This method has the benefit of giving the best chance of winning to the most voted for party, though not making it a “sure thing” for the shoe-in establishment. Other benefits are, there would be little need for extensive vote counting, and thus it would be very economical and quick for establishing results for an election. This way you get past the FPP problem and insert a sense of fear in the candidates minds about what might happen.

    The public would love to see the dread on the candidates faces as they have to struggle to get on the greasy pole with possibility of getting the most votes and still being knocked off it. Patrons of Ladbrokes would have a field day. Once in a while, the Raving Monster Looney Party just might send someone useful to parliament. Not a bad thing, given that the silk top hat manufacturers might get a boost in sales should such an event happen.