Sean Voted Conservative – Twice….

Sean Gabb

I cast a proxy vote this morning for a friend. She had told me ot vote Conservative, and I did so. On my way out, I spoke to the Conservative teller. I told her i’d be voting UKIP later in the day. She told me she had already done so. I gave her a funny look and went about my business. Later, I saw some Labour people in the street. They didn’t seem at all put out by my abuse, and even boasted that Gay Gordon would be in till 2015. That got me thinking. Deal is a Labour marginal that needs only a smallish swing to go Tory.

So I voted Conservative for myself. I feel rather bad about this. Even so, I do think – and I accept I may be wrong – that getting rid of Labour is a step in the right direction. The Tories may be only slightly better. But slightly better is still better. The lesser of two evils is still less evil….

We shall see what happens. As I write, there is only an hour left of voting.

14 responses to “Sean Voted Conservative – Twice….

  1. Tony Hollick

    Shame on you! I suppose you feel better for the rattling of your chains! We will remember your part in any oppresive Conservative originated measures.

    The exit poll I’m looking forecasts a Cameron minority hung Parliament.


  2. Ah Tony – are you not falling into the what is and what is not seen trap that Bastiat described? You will blame me for Tory tyranny, quite ignoring the worse tyranny of more Labour.

  3. Gold went to $1,210 and fell again in the last hour, as the “swing” to the Tories averages 8%+ right now, in three labour “holds”.

    I am waiting for the bond-markets at 01:00 am, which will tell us what they have factored in.

    Peter Davis has fallen asleep on the sofa already – no stamina these youngsters, these days.

  4. Mrs G threatening to fall down dead with tiredness.

  5. I voted UKIP. I therefore will not carry the burden of shame of having supported the Tories who, if they win, will oppress us just as Labour has. I’d expect that to be understood by the man who wrote of the continuum from Thatcher to New Labour ;)

    So, as I wander the blogosphere in years to come, windbagging here and there as is my wont, I can at least say, “I didn’t support these bastards”. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    I’ve not had a good day. I forgot that the man was coming to do the gas safety check, and thus had to greet him in my nightclothes and barely able to communicate (lacking both caffeine and nicotine in my bloodstream, I was barely conscious). And then, late in the day, my PC decided to reset itself, entirely mangling the Photoshop drawing I’d been working on all day beyond recovery.

    I choose to believe that these are omens, of something or other.

  6. Christ, I bet you had to hold your nose.

  7. UKIP for me, as I have the luxury of being in a safe Limp-Dem seat in the North West. There was no possibility of turning the bugger out, so I could do the right thing.

  8. I held my nose very tight and even felt sick. But I helped get a Labour MP out. The Toryboy who replaces him strikes me as utterly worthless. But he will be less evil. This was never an election where we could vote for improvement. The best to be done was to mitigate the continuing evil of government by the Regime.

  9. Tony Hollick


    I can find it in my heart to forgive you (unless the Tory wins by just one vote).

    Bastiat refers to the “Broken Window Fallacy” in What is Seen and What is Not Seen. It is nice to see him cited, all the same. A brilliant exponent of Classical Liberalism, he could not bring himself to renounce support for pre-existing Royalist property titles. This led him to be represented as a supporter of feudal property, with deleterious results.


  10. Tony Hollick

    Dave Davis:

    Did you see the photos of Mr. Farage being extracted per mirabile alive from an upside-down light aircraft, which had been towing a banner?


  11. Paul Robinson

    Well, I voted UKIP, and it made not one jot of difference to the result here – Sir Peter Tapsell won by a mile, and now rejoices in the title “Father of the House”. Sad – there was quite a good UKIP vote last time, but it fell by about a thousand yesterday.

    What price that McBroon hangs on to his Limp-Dems?

  12. Paul Robinson

    I think that should have been “hangs on BY his Limp-Dems”!

  13. Farage was fortunate to get out alive, Tony!

  14. Tony Hollick


    Yes he was. I hope he got to vote — we don’t want elections controlled be airplane and car crashes, exploding buildings etc.