Voting Advice from the Libertarian Alliance

Sean Gabb

I may vote Conservative. Or I may vote for one of the minor parties. It all depends on the exit polls and how I feel tomorrow evening.

However, there is one party that I and the Libertarian Alliance can unreservedly recommend.

If you live in the constituencies of Sutton & Cheam or Devizes, please consider giving your vote to Libertarian Party General Election candidates Martin Cullip and Nic Coome.

11 responses to “Voting Advice from the Libertarian Alliance

  1. Paul Robinson

    Well, here in Louth and Horncastle, we’ve got a full house to choose from:

    Julia Green, BNP

    Colin Mair, English Democrat

    Fiona Martin, Liberal Democrat

    Patrick Mountain, Labour

    Pat Nurse, UKIP

    Daniel Simpson, Lincolnshire Independents

    Sir Peter Tapsell, Conservative

    I’ve been pretty much set on UKIP (since 1992), and I reckon Sir Peter Tapsell is a “shoo-in”, but he calls himself a Eurosceptic.

    Sean, you appear to be “in the know” about the Conservative party, hence my question; is Sir Peter Tapsell “sound”, or do I stick to my guns, and vote UKIP? Of course, my antipathy to the Tories is not only based on their enthusiasm for the EU, but all the other delights the Cameroons have waiting for us, e.g., the “Big Society”, whatever that may mean. Wasn’t that Lyndon Johnson’s (DEM) thing in the sixties, or was his version the “Great Society”? It seems to me to mean more of the same (i.e. a continuation of the last 13+ years, but “pink” rather than red).

  2. Oh, it’s not the least bit pink. It’s a brilliant crimson. Cameron and IDS are planning an enormous transfer of power, money and patronage to the Third Sector- that is those who David would call GramscoFabiaNazis- and it is all very deliberate and very, very red.

  3. Paul Robinson

    “Cameron and IDS are planning an enormous transfer of power, money and patronage to the Third Sector”.

    Maybe not, if Sean’s mysterious XYZ is to be believed!

  4. I would like to believe, but I don’t have it within me. If an XYZ policy were being clandestinely followed, they would not be burdening themselves with such policies prior to the election.

    And honestly, I don’t think anyone near the top of the Conservative party is either clever or cunning. Cameron, Duncan Smith, Hague, Osborne et al are just ignorant berks.

  5. Don’t ask me this late into things for my opinions about anyone!

  6. Paul Robinson

    Oh well, it’ll have to be UKIP then. Either that or the Lincolnshire Independents – I have no idea what they stand for (indepence for Lincolnshire?), but they cannot possibly be worse than any of the usual suspects!

  7. As I type, Gold has just gone to $1,177, up $10 on the day. This is a good indicator of what real people really think. Of course, it may be just down to what’s going on in Greece and the travails of the Euro that will ensue, but we here will have something to do with it.

    I think:-
    (1) If you are in a safe Labour seat, vote BNP (unless there is a LPUK candidate.) Rub the noses of the fascist left in their own shit – (see their memos about multiculturalism and immigration, now known to all.)
    (2)If you are in a safe Tory seat, vote UKIP (unless LPUK possible.)
    (3) If you are in a safe Limp-Dem seat, vote UKIP (or LPUK…)

    Now for the marginals:-
    (4) If a Labour Marginal, and Tories second, vote Tory. Never mind the others, even UKIP or LPUK, the thing is to behead Labour.
    (5) If in a Tory Marginal, vote Tory, no contest.
    (6) If in a Limp-Dem marginal and Tories second, vote Tory.
    (7) If in a limp-dem marginal and Tories third or worse, vote UKIP or LPUK or BNP in that order.
    (8) If it’s anyone’s guess where you live, vote for what you believe in. But not Labour.

  8. Gold has just fallen to $1,175, as I finished my comment.

    Perhaps the internet thingy is useful after all….

  9. But 5-year copper is well up this year which is more scary perhaps.

  10. Spencer Whitlock

    I suppose it is too much to hope that Mr. Gabb has been invited back by the Institute of Contemporary Arts this year.

  11. Too much indeed to hope. Does that mean the Enemy class is expecting a tory victory and isn’t inclined to lay on any celebrations?